Aaron Rinas’ Paper Embroidery


I wanted to share these truly unique embroidery projects by Toronto-based graphic designer Aaron Rinas. I started following Aaron on Instagram a while back when I first noticed one of them.

aaron_rinas_ gj8GPJiQ4Y

Aaron uses vintage photos as backdrops for textural pattern blocks. The results are beautiful one-of-a-kind assemblages that feel warm and personal but also strikingly graphic.

aaron_rinas_ go1xXXiQ4p




Aaron also shares our appreciation for the hidden aesthetics on the back of his embroidery projects. Gayla introduced me to this almost accidental artwork and now it is sometimes hard for me to choose whether the front or the reverse of an embroidery is my favourite. There’s something in those tangential stitches and knotted ends of patterns…


aaron_rinas_ f_y59qCQ_d

aaron_rinas_ fu2ABtiQ82

aaron_rinas_ fwdYRQiQ7w

aaron_rinas_ gSAB1JiQyS

All images copyright Aaron Rinas

Davin Risk is a senior graphic designer with 20 years experience in art and design. Narrative, art, culture, and community drive him as a designer, photographer, artist, and dabbler.

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